Lostsaga Hero Trinity

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Cute little girl who owns a three character Platinum the Trinity. Commissioned jyubeyi favor of Trinity arrived at the 13th hierarchical city. Gras half to jyubeyi Trinity was commissioned to find the house she find him, across the city to attend. Half from sight of him jjotdeon, then suddenly disappeared ... The Bowdon An unidentified half was looking for him to stare at her during the house is trying to kidnap shown. At that moment! Half he appeared with her, hurriedly fled the spot, the Trinity represents the end of a wanted to convey bangeu jyubeyi, 'd Meet again somehow the mission of jyubeyi haeteuni go? Dramatic confined to grab the target heart ruby ruby, which trapped the opponents by firing large droplets Dream Sally, layered force, the stick forward to fire a powerful beam dot Typhoon hitting the opponent back around to focus on skills premium mercenaries.