Lostsaga Hero Dragon Rider

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There was a lack of hunting dragons of Middle-earth, and live, as it was a town called due the Dragon Village tteolchin Valor continents. To their ability to represent the law can not hunt for Dragon Village. He did not hunt for that in the village, it is to be bullied. In the meantime, give rescue endangered dragon and gradually build up friendship and rapport with each other. The village ambushed with the Dragon Goblin of Dragon and training and fun days bonaedeon, from the people of the village since the watch out and hunt for dragons without friends, in the middle of the continent as a warrior lostsaga dragon rider widely noted down. In the distance to the target the target by firing a grappling hook shot, that pulls a spin the Rider Riding around the target to attack with great light and fill the gauge trap, to interfere with the movement of the target by installing a trap on the floor, in succession to attack quickly. the rider swing transformation moving faster with special focuses on hitting the target to attack the dragon riding mercenaries.