Lostsaga Hero Vampire

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Brahms, who was orphaned as a vampire talker will be adopted in the family. In the midst of the noble family of vampires North Face-to-invest everything to make it, but was orphaned because the vampires obedient nature and history of the destructive nature is split personaility with. Over time, the school's Honor Roll Cain's children grow into vampires after the ceremony, and all the destructive nature of this awakening will receive a glare and ignored. Continuous harassment vampire awakening to the power of the destructive character of Cain unharmed child who underwent ritual killing nine friends, to escape to the human world. Through the gate to the human world, the pursuit of all kinds of traps and defied chugyeokdae, I thought vampires had successfully passed through the gate in front of the head bokseul WAN strange man (?!) Had. The man with a mysterious vampire will come to the world of Lost Saga.