lostsaga hero psychic

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Developed science of human power is extremely powerful force at any one time, humans themselves were running to ruin. Midst of this, the governor of the weak is this is their country should have the power to determine that the establishment of a small special forces. Consisting of just the crew with the powers it was incidental. The troops outstanding psychic reader has been put into operation in many wars, espionage, assassination of factors, such as guard duty has been performed safely. "Came up with a blue light with blue light disappeared, disappeared when the blue light was terminated and all things" according to the testimony of the survivors of the "blue light" means units called psychic and become the envy of many people have been. But one leading powers incident being assassinated and Vice President... to punish those who were happy with the blue light, but the country is invaded thereby suffer psychic crisis were to fall. This situation dakchija, the senior members of this bag over your runners inaction by claiming back their efforts have been tailored. But is this love psychic powers and his men to leave the body obediently surrender will lead doctors to deliver. But there is this matter of the invasion was planned. The purpose of the psychic powers from the very beginning of his troops to the war and take the technology to make it more your own to create a mighty army that was tried. Invasion of their homeland, even if the yield is the obvious one suffer. The psychic distress than fall essentially choose the way to solve the past. Psychics one by one, sending troops into the past is also a time capsule of thin body of an unknown room, but... Lost Saga tteuni eyes watching you had the world. Psychic powers to subdue opponents shots fired or launched the energy sphere to teleport to subdue your opponent is rare mercenaries. ESP harness, change, torsion stress, focusing on the use of tags for the room.