Lostsaga hero slasher

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Slasher was born in a small town in midfield. Slasher Wulin's father was dealing with at the top of the odd lot. Stub was born the son of a wealthy to poor grew up without. Parents' house at the top of the work, all the others who are working together to help each other at the top of the day-to-day spending gamyeo was happy. Until then not come Slasher Search what seemed unhappy. But do not expect Shut seulraesyeogwa unhappy family come and Slasher. It was the eve of the storm go. Tough crowd Maqiao akyeon the dark for the roots to break with the political parties were preparing for war. The war factions prepare became Maqiao not enough money is at the top in a hierarchical send Grinders. Many are afraid of revenge at the top of the treasure that is sent with Maqiao Slasher Grinders father to tear up the upright, ignored. The father is not oysters injustice really cool slasher somewhat morbid yisijiman haeohneun minutes as flames... Moonlight blackness disappeared even sitting down at night. Around the top of it is surrounded by death squads Maqiao. Slasher came to avenge his father hers. Warriors are the best of the top escort Maqiao boatjiman prevent blood death squads do not jjilreodo a knife, cut the bridge collapsed while also attacked. They plot to Maqiao Corps was created using the body. Slasher's mother is dying of seulraesyeoeul through a secret passage out of the top was. Seulraesyeoeun killing factions ask for help to lead the body to find the head sarigo gatjiman body did not want to give help. Nameless seulraesyeoeun his way back home from the hill fell it. Geojikkol Slasher fallen to an old man's eyes seulraesyeoeul loose deulchyeo carrying away suddenly goes where. But.. That's huh! Ball answers! Bo? Seulraesyeoeun awake elderly people do not know the name, but the old man politely thanked the slightly longer. Pray tell angry rash while alone, and ran out of the room suddenly jumped out again, coming like something out of the ordinary, but to live in the old man was seulraesyeoeun. And after eight years older and mountains. The trees around the house and in the eyes of the Slasher dwelling could not hide the sadness and hatred. One day, as usual, going out and doing chores this madman was found in an underground passage beneath the floor. Seulraesyeoeun looked carefully into the basement, there was a cave under the house. Seochaek one unknown and armor, helmet, and two pills saw a nondescript dog was placed. Soo holding the mugongseo gunggeumham seulraesyeoeun appears strange reaction in the body. Gobbling up pills side was something that the action never before possessed gamyeo seemed increasingly out trance costs. Then what's wrong I've been getting fresh blood is spilled in red. So did a few days have passed. Jimyeo crazy cave urgently break down the door depends on quality. Madman who ran the Slasher Slasher's body said two fingers tapped turn. Then spit seulraesyeoeun naemyeo dark red blood lost spirit. After 7 days, only waking seulraesyeoeun ventured back to the cave had already been gone. Found a place to hide the crazy, but this was then wearing armor and carrying a saw blade knives resembling a half moon toward the house while raising three clauses will leave the house for revenge. Every blade of revenge slasher... And astonishingly, where the end of the scheduled multiple?